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Papercut from Anna-Liisa Krolov on Vimeo.

Critical Mass.

“Designers make the world’s most beautiful trash.” – Scott Ewen

Our project brief in which we had to consider something, that we unanimously loved or hated, and to use co-design research methods to develop a field of enquiry around the subject, essentially giving us a new insight into it. We were prompted though various workshops that aided us in the process of finding a good cause, identifying an issue, co-researching it with various stakeholders, defining audiences to target, and spreading our idea by creating a campaign. We have produced an outcome in the form of a short stop motion animation, with the intention of demonstrating it to our critical mass.

As a group, we came to the decision to look at the subject of illegal logging and how it impacts the environment. We also wanted to look at how this problem affects the paper industry and how uncertified paper is circulated in the market. We aimed to get designers to change their behaviour and the way they work, ultimately persuading them to use FSC certified paper. Our objective was to viralize the use of FSC paper and encourage people, especially designers, to change their ethics on paper use.

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