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Hitchcock Film Festival poster

Hitchcock poster

Brief was to make a poster for Hitchcock film festival, taking place in London cafe.

We were told to research both Hitchcock and Saul Bass, be inspired by them and design a poster avoiding clichés.

Steering away from the obvious option of using Hitchcock typeface I looked into Saul Bass’s Psycho film titles and inspired by them I printed out the name of the festival, cut it to strips and glue it back together and then scanned it in to place on the poster.

The cut out body of the man hanging is from the Vertigo poster (I thought it’s probably the most recognisable piece, connecting Hitchcock and Bass) and the head is Hitchcock’s, he did like his cameos , and this is representing the master of suspense bit too.

Copyright © 2015 Anna-Liisa Krõlov.